Kufic Script from a Qur'an, Islamic Dynastic Art
A Folio from an Abbasid dynasty Qur'an, part of Al-Fath Sura (48) verses:27-8. read more
The Etruscans, 400BCE
Chimera of Arezzo
Chimera of Arezzo, The Etruscans
What's in a name?
Toyen, The Artists
Sascha Schneider, 1904
Hypnosis, Sascha Schneider
Born on June 21
Henry Ossawa Tanner, The ArtistsPortrait of Henry Ossawa Tanner

Henry Ossawa Tanner

A quiet man transcends racism to bring art back to religion

1859 – 1937
Olga Rozanova, The ArtistsPortrait of Olga Rozanova

Olga Rozanova

The intellectual mother of Abstract Expressionism

1886 – 1918

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