Jacques-Louis David, 1824
Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces
About this monumental painting Jacques-Louis David wrote: “This is the last picture I want to paint, but I want to surpass myself in it. I will put the date of my seventy-five years on it and afterwards I will never again pick up my brush.” read more
Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces, Jacques-Louis David
The Etruscans, 400BCE
Chimera of Arezzo
Chimera of Arezzo, The Etruscans
What's in a name?
Toyen, The Artists
Sascha Schneider, 1904
Hypnosis, Sascha Schneider
Born on July 14
Gustav Klimt, The ArtistsPortrait of Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Love of country and love of women

1862 – 1918
Ben Enwonwu, The ArtistsPortrait of Ben Enwonwu

Ben Enwonwu

Nigerian Fusion

1917 – 1994

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