Olmec Civilization, Ancient World
The rich culture of pre-columbian Mesoamerica can be traced back to a single civilization of immense creativity and sophistication. Meet the Olmec, the first civilization in Mesoamerica. The Olmec people were born from the early farming peoples of the Tabasco region in modern-day Mexico. read more
The Nude in Art
Getting out the skin
The Nude in Art, Themes in Art
Body, language
Contrapposto, Themes in Art
Death in Art
Life's only guarantee
Memento Mori, vanitas, mortality. Death is one of the most pervasive themes in art history. While many artworks celebrate afterlives in heaven or hell, death is most often referenced as a grim reminder of numbered days, and a powerful motivator to live well while you can. Every culture has rituals surrounding death, appearing in artwork as icons and colors. read more
Death in Art, Themes in Art
Born on March 25
Alexej Von Jawlensky
Alexej Von Jawlensky, The Artists

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