The Etruscans, 400BCE
Chimera of Arezzo
Chimera of Arezzo, The Etruscans
What's in a name?
Toyen, The Artists
Sascha Schneider, 1904
Hypnosis, Sascha Schneider
Born on October 4
Jean-François Millet, The ArtistsPortrait of Jean-François Millet

Jean-François Millet

A peasant I was born, and a peasant I will die

1814 – 1875
Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The ArtistsPortrait of Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Making a living from etchings

1720 – 1778
Elizabeth Jane Gardner, The ArtistsPortrait of Elizabeth Jane Gardner

Elizabeth Jane Gardner

1837 – 1922
Dado, Miodrag Đurić, The ArtistsPortrait of Dado, Miodrag Đurić

Dado, Miodrag Đurić

1933 – 2010

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