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Portrait of Albert Gleizes

Albert Gleizes was a French artist born on December 8, 1881. Gleizes contributed to the Cubist movement and died on June 23, 1953.

Woman with Phlox, Albert Gleizes

Woman with Phlox 1910

Portrait de Jacques Nayral, Albert Gleizes

Portrait de Jacques Nayral 1911

There is nothing real outside ourselves; there is nothing real except the coincidence of a sensation and an individual mental direction.

Excerpts from Du "Cubisme" 1912

Harvest Threshing, Albert Gleizes

Harvest Threshing 1912

Man on a Balcony, Albert Gleizes

Man on a Balcony 1912

Football Players, Albert Gleizes

Football Players 1912 – 1913

Man in a Hammock, Albert Gleizes

Man in a Hammock 1913

Femmes assises à une fenêtre, Albert Gleizes

Femmes assises à une fenêtre 1914

Paysage Cubiste (Landscape, Baum und Fluss), Albert Gleizes

Paysage Cubiste (Landscape, Baum und Fluss) 1914

New York, Albert Gleizes

New York 1916

On a Sailboat, Albert Gleizes

On a Sailboat 1916

Spanish Dancer, Albert Gleizes

Spanish Dancer 1916

In Port, Albert Gleizes

In Port 1917

Paysage des Bermudes, Albert Gleizes

Paysage des Bermudes 1917

Woman and Child, Albert Gleizes

Woman and Child 1921

Composition, Albert Gleizes

Composition 1922

Woman, Two Men and Children, Albert Gleizes

Woman, Two Men and Children 1924

By eliminating everything superfluous to the technical means of their craft the Cubists finally reached the common ground where a general, synthetic culture becomes possible.

Cubism and the General Culture 1926

Symphony in Violet, Albert Gleizes

Symphony in Violet 1930 – 1931

For contemplation, Albert Gleizes

For contemplation 1942

Arabesque Brush, Albert Gleizes

Arabesque Brush 1952

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