The Artists
Portrait of Alice Neel

Alice Neel was a U.S. Woman Artist born on January 28, 1900. Neel contributed to the Early Modernist and Expressionist movements, worked in Cuba and died on October 13, 1984.

Degenerate Madonna, Alice Neel

Degenerate Madonna 1930

Nancy, Alice Neel

Nancy 1966

Hartley and Ginny, Alice Neel

Hartley and Ginny 1970

Jackie Curtis and Ritta Redd, Alice Neel

Jackie Curtis and Ritta Redd 1970

Stephen Shepard, Alice Neel

Stephen Shepard 1978

Victoria and The Cat, Alice Neel

Victoria and The Cat 1981

Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia), Alice Neel

Mother and Child (Nancy and Olivia) 1982

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