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Portrait of Bodo

Bodo was a CD artist born in 1953. Bodo contributed to the Surrealist and Zaire movements and died on March 5, 2015.

Biblical scenes, Bodo

Biblical scenes 1953

The False Preachers, Bodo

The False Preachers 1978

The house of the alarm clock, Bodo

The house of the alarm clock 1978

Chronomonde, Bodo

Chronomonde 2000

Animated Fantastic Landscape, Bodo

Animated Fantastic Landscape 2001

Overworked Woman, Bodo

Overworked Woman 2005

Golden Brush of Africa, Bodo

Golden Brush of Africa 2010

La Sape 1, Bodo

La Sape 1 2012

La Sape 2, Bodo

La Sape 2 2012

Vieux Chinois, Bodo

Vieux Chinois 2012

Sapeur, Bodo

Sapeur 2013

True Love, Bodo

True Love 2013

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