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Portrait of Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was a French artist born on July 19, 1834. Degas contributed to the Impressionist movement and died on September 27, 1917.

Man on a couch, Edgar Degas

Man on a couch 1855

Self Portrait with Fedora, Edgar Degas

Self Portrait with Fedora 1857 – 1858

Young Woman with Ibis, Edgar Degas

Young Woman with Ibis 1860 – 1862

Portrait of Estelle Balfour, Edgar Degas

Portrait of Estelle Balfour 1865

The Collector of Prints, Edgar Degas

The Collector of Prints 1866

Head of a Yound Woman, Edgar Degas

Head of a Yound Woman 1867

Study of a Seated Woman, Edgar Degas

Study of a Seated Woman 1868 – 1869

Portrait of Mlle. Hortense Valpinçon, Edgar Degas

Portrait of Mlle. Hortense Valpinçon 1871

The Dance Class, Edgar Degas

The Dance Class 1874

The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage, Edgar Degas

The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage 1874

Two Dancers on a Stage, Edgar Degas

Two Dancers on a Stage 1874

L'absinthe, Edgar Degas

L'absinthe 1875 – 1876

Dancers Practicing at the Barre, Edgar Degas

Dancers Practicing at the Barre 1877

At the Milliner's, Edgar Degas

At the Milliner's 1881

Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas

Mary Cassatt 1880 – 1884

Mademoiselle Bécat at the Café des Ambassadeurs, Edgar Degas

Mademoiselle Bécat at the Café des Ambassadeurs 1877 – 1885

Portrait of Zacherie Zacharian, Edgar Degas

Portrait of Zacherie Zacharian 1886

Dancers in Blue, Edgar Degas

Dancers in Blue 1890

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