Letters from the front: The Franco-Prussian War

Édouard Manet, 1870

To Theodore Duret —

My dear Duret — I am sending you the pictures you have kindly offered to shelter during the siege — here is the list:
The luncheon
the guitar player
the balcony
the boy with a sword
Lola de Valence
Moonlight - Reader
still life
Spanish dancers
Mlle B.

Greetings, Edourd Manet

(written on the side)
In the event of my death, you can take your choice of Moonlight or the Reader, or if you prefer you can ask for the Boy with the soap bubbles.

— E. Manet

Paris, 24 [September 1870]
To Suzanne Manet —

I hope this letter will reach you. . . Everyone is furious at Bismarck’s response and his outrageous pretensions - Paris is determined to defend itself to the last and I think their audacity will cost them dearly.... I was on guard at the ramparts yesterday and the day before. We heard the guns going all night long. We're all getting quite used to the noise....

— Edouard Manet

Paris, 7 [November 1870]
To Suzanne Manet —

The armistice has just been rejected, so the war will carry on worse than before - I've often regretted sending you away from Paris, but now I'm glad I did. I'm joining the artillery and will be stationed at the Porte de Saint-Ouen; I’ll be well off there. Eugene is in the volunteers in the National Guard. We're going to the funeral of our farmer Picard this morning.

— Edouard Manet

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