The Artists
Portrait of Glyn Philpot

Glyn Philpot was an English LGBTQ Artist born on October 5, 1884. Philpot contributed to the Symbolist movement and died on December 16, 1937.

Under the Sea, Glyn Philpot

Under the Sea 1914 – 1918

Penelope, Glyn Philpot

Penelope 1923

Resurgam, Glyn Philpot

Resurgam 1929

St. Sebastian, Glyn Philpot

St. Sebastian 1932

The Three Fates, Glyn Philpot

The Three Fates 1933

Patrick Buchan-Hepburn, Lord Hailes, Glyn Philpot

Patrick Buchan-Hepburn, Lord Hailes 1934

Glen Byam Shaw as 'Laertes', Glyn Philpot

Glen Byam Shaw as 'Laertes' 1935

André Eglevsky (of the Russian Ballet), Glyn Philpot

André Eglevsky (of the Russian Ballet) 1937

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