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Peder Balke, The Artists
Portrait of Peder Balke

Peder Balke was a Norwegian artist born on November 4, 1804. Balke contributed to the Romantic movement and died on February 5, 1887.

North Cape, Peder Balke

North Cape 1844

Steigen, Peder Balke

Steigen 1847 – 1849

Lighthouse on the Norwegian Coast, Peder Balke

Lighthouse on the Norwegian Coast 1855

Coastal Landscape with Wreck, Peder Balke

Coastal Landscape with Wreck 1860 – 1869

Månelys, Peder Balke

Månelys 1870

Northern Lights, Peder Balke

Northern Lights 1870

Vardøhus Fortress, Peder Balke

Vardøhus Fortress 1870

The Northern Lights over Four Men in a Rowboat, Peder Balke

The Northern Lights over Four Men in a Rowboat 1887

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