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Introduction to Art
30,000 years of human creativity

Introduction to Art, Essays on Art

The history of art is a vast story of human creativity, a record of our passions and struggles from before written history through today. Obelisk is a free, online art history textbook, sharing the wild, tragic and inspiring stories of artists and their work from 30,000 BCE through Modern Art. Obelisk is designed for discovery, a cross-linked web of artworks, biographies and writings, a choose-your-own-adventure where every path leads you to something new and interesting.

Meet the artists, discover artwork, or explore the timeline. But if you'd like to learn more about how to look at and understand art, the next few pages describe the visual language of art, the ways we can understand it, and why art is important. So dig in!

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Advanced Composition Techniques, Essays on Art

Advanced Composition Techniques

Let's get mathematical

Categorizing Art, Essays on Art

Categorizing Art

Can we make sense of it all?

Basic Composition Techniques, Essays on Art

Basic Composition Techniques

A few easy tips

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