New Zealand

Artworks from the Auckland Art Gallery
Portrait of a Lady with a Dog, Lavinia Fontana

Portrait of a Lady with a Dog Lavinia Fontana, 1600

Portrait of Ihaka Whanga, Gottfried Lindauer

Portrait of Ihaka Whanga Gottfried Lindauer, 1870

Heeni Hirini and Child, Gottfried Lindauer

Heeni Hirini and Child Gottfried Lindauer, 1878

Portrait of Pare Watene, Gottfried Lindauer

Portrait of Pare Watene Gottfried Lindauer, 1878

Kuinioroa, daughter of Rangi Kopinga, Gottfried Lindauer

Kuinioroa, daughter of Rangi Kopinga Gottfried Lindauer, 1880

Portrait of Wahanui Reihana Te Huatare, Gottfried Lindauer

Portrait of Wahanui Reihana Te Huatare Gottfried Lindauer, 1880

Portrait of Paora Tuhaere, Gottfried Lindauer

Portrait of Paora Tuhaere Gottfried Lindauer, 1895

The Edwardians, Frances Hodgkins

The Edwardians Frances Hodgkins, 1918

Self Portrait: Still Life, Frances Hodgkins

Self Portrait: Still Life Frances Hodgkins, 1935

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