Alabaster is incredibly soft, at least as far as stones go. Alabaster is a gypsum based mineral, giving it a smooth, white coloring and making it a popular medium for sculpture. It’s nearly translucent surface scatters light in a way uncannily similar to human skin. Beautiful stuff.

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Male Worshiper of Ninshubur, Mesopotamia

Male Worshiper of Ninshubur 2250BCE

Alabaster Cinerary Urn, The Etruscans

Alabaster Cinerary Urn 300 – 200BCE

Statue of Artemis Ephesus, Ancient Greece

Statue of Artemis Ephesus 2BCE

The Death of Saint Innocent, Gothic Art

The Death of Saint Innocent 1520 – 1530

Two forms, Barbara Hepworth

Two forms Barbara Hepworth, 1933

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