A method of painting on walls, the term ‘fresco’ is derived from the Italian word for fresh, since the technique involves painting onto a thin layer of wet plaster called intonaco, which then drys, permanently binding the pigment into the wall.

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Dolphin Fresco Knossos, Aegean Civilizations

Dolphin Fresco Knossos 1545BCE

Perseus and Andromeda, Ancient Rome

Perseus and Andromeda 90BCE

La Parisienne, Aegean Civilizations

La Parisienne 1350

The Tribute Money, Masaccio

The Tribute Money Masaccio, 1425

The Virgin and Child with St. Dominic and Thomas Aquinas, Fra Angelico

The Virgin and Child with St. Dominic and Thomas Aquinas Fra Angelico, 1430

Vision of Constantine, Piero della Francesca

Vision of Constantine Piero della Francesca, 1452 – 1466

Triumph of Galatea, Italian Renaissance

Triumph of Galatea Raphael Sanzio, 1514

The Last Judgment, Michelangelo

The Last Judgment Michelangelo, 1536 – 1541

The Adoration of the Bronze Snake, Agnolo Bronzino

The Adoration of the Bronze Snake Agnolo Bronzino, 1540 – 1545

The Last Judgment, Giorgio Vasari

The Last Judgment Giorgio Vasari, 1572 – 1579

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, Caravaggio

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto Caravaggio, 1597

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