Horus Falcon, Ancient Egypt

Horus Falcon 250BCE

Waterloo Bridge Helmet, The Celts

Waterloo Bridge Helmet 150 – 50BCE

The Battersea Shield, The Celts

The Battersea Shield 350BCE – 50CE

Glider Containing a Water Mill in Neighboring Metals, Marcel Duchamp

Glider Containing a Water Mill in Neighboring Metals Marcel Duchamp, 1913 – 1915

To Be Looked At, Marcel Duchamp

To Be Looked At Marcel Duchamp, 1918

50 cc of Paris Air, Marcel Duchamp

50 cc of Paris Air Marcel Duchamp, 1919

Eichhörnchen, Méret Oppenheim

Eichhörnchen Méret Oppenheim, 1969

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Lithography, Mediums


Watercolor, Mediums


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