Iron Axe Head, Iron Age

Iron Axe Head 900BCE

Gjermundbu Helmet, Viking Age

Gjermundbu Helmet 970CE

Mammen Silver-inlaid Axehead, Viking Age

Mammen Silver-inlaid Axehead 970CE

Langeid Sword, Viking Age

Langeid Sword 1030

Ivory Hip Pendant in the form of a Face, Kingdom of Benin

Ivory Hip Pendant in the form of a Face 1500 – 1600

Eben, ceremonial dancing sword, Kingdom of Benin

Eben, ceremonial dancing sword 1700 – 1900

Bottle Rack, Marcel Duchamp

Bottle Rack Marcel Duchamp, 1914

The Riddle of Isidore Ducasse, Man Ray

The Riddle of Isidore Ducasse Man Ray, 1920

Gift, Man Ray

Gift Man Ray, 1921

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