Themes in Art

Ancient Classics
A good story never gets old

Metamorphoses, Ancient Rome

Metamorphoses Ovid, 1CE

On the Nature of Things, Ancient Rome

On the Nature of Things Lucretius, 50BCE

Poetics, Ancient Greece

Poetics Aristotle, 335BCE

Ten Books on Architecture, Ancient Rome

Ten Books on Architecture Vitruvius, 15BCE

The Aeneid, Ancient Rome

The Aeneid Virgil, 19CE

The Epic of Gilgamesh, Mesopotamia

The Epic of Gilgamesh 2100BCE

The Iliad, Ancient Greece

The Iliad Homer, translated by Samuel Butler, 800BCE

The Laws of Manu, Classical India

The Laws of Manu Author Unknown, 200BCE

The Mahābhārata, Classical India

The Mahābhārata Vyasa, 400BCE

The Odyssey, Ancient Greece

The Odyssey Homer, 800BCE

The Ramayana, Classical India

The Ramayana Valmiki, 100BCE

The Republic, Ancient Greece

The Republic Plato, 360BCE

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Abstract Art, Themes in Art

Abstract Art

Unshackled from the figure

Cuneiform, Themes in Art


Social Realism, Themes in Art

Social Realism

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