Timeline of Art

Middle Ages
Feudalism and the rise of organized religion

Middle Ages, Timeline of Art
Byzantine Art, Middle Ages

Byzantine Art

The proliferation of Christian art

330 – 1453
Medieval Art, Middle Ages

Medieval Art

Religion, feudalism and lots of gold leaf.

476 – 1492
Tang Dynasty, Middle Ages

Tang Dynasty

The greatest cosmopolitan empire of the middle ages

618 – 907CE
Medieval Persian Art, Middle Ages

Medieval Persian Art

Persia brings a wealth of art, poetry, and mysticism to Islam.

651 – 1500
Islamic Dynastic Art, Middle Ages

Islamic Dynastic Art

When you don't paint people, things get beautifully, powerfully decorative.

661 – 1243
Pueblo Cultures, Middle Ages

Pueblo Cultures

Ghost cities and geometric pottery

750 – 1600
Viking Age, Middle Ages

Viking Age

Wolves among sheep

793 – 1066
Igbo-Ukwu, Middle Ages


800 – 900CE
Khmer Art, Middle Ages

Khmer Art

The God-kings and stone cities of Cambodia

800 – 1431
Classical Oceania, Middle Ages

Classical Oceania

Floating cities and stone heads facing the sea

800 – 1525
Mississippian Culture, Middle Ages

Mississippian Culture

Whose got the tallest mound?

800 – 1540
Song Dynasty, Middle Ages

Song Dynasty

Finding the sublime in nature's power

960 – 1127
Gothic Art, Middle Ages

Gothic Art

The race for height

1144 – 1500
Inca Empire, Middle Ages

Inca Empire

The original American Empire

1200 – 1572
Yuan Dynasty, Middle Ages

Yuan Dynasty

1271 – 1368
The Aztecs, Middle Ages

The Aztecs

Blood and conquest

1325 – 1521
Next Era
Age of Exploration, Timeline of Art

Age of Exploration

Trans-continental travel and the enlightenment

1300 – 1850

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