Ancient World

Classical India
The largest economy in the world for 1500 years

Classical India, Ancient World
The Mahābhārata, Classical India

The Mahābhārata Vyasa, 400BCE

Jetavanaramaya, Classical India

Jetavanaramaya 300BCE

The Laws of Manu, Classical India

The Laws of Manu Author Unknown, 200BCE

The Ramayana, Classical India

The Ramayana Valmiki, 100BCE

Mahabodhi Temple, Classical India

Mahabodhi Temple 250 – 50BCE

Miracle of Sravasti, Classical India

Miracle of Sravasti 200CE

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu, Classical India

Standing Four-Armed Vishnu 400CE

Standing Buddha Offering Protection, Classical India

Standing Buddha Offering Protection 500CE

Late Gupta Period Buddha, Classical India

Late Gupta Period Buddha 700CE

Seated Buddha, Classical India

Seated Buddha 700CE

Next Movement
Byzantine Art, Middle Ages

Byzantine Art

The proliferation of Christian art

330 – 1453

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