Ancient World

The Celts
Death & Gold

Mold Cape, The Celts

Mold Cape 1900 – 1600BCE

Gold Celtic Torc, The Celts

Gold Celtic Torc 1200BCE

Hochdorf Chieftain’s Grave, The Celts

Hochdorf Chieftain’s Grave 530BCE

Vix Krater, Ancient Greece

Vix Krater 530BCE

Torc Celtic Necklace, The Celts

Torc Celtic Necklace 400BCE

The Snettisham Great Torc, The Celts

The Snettisham Great Torc 150 – 50BCE

Waterloo Bridge Helmet, The Celts

Waterloo Bridge Helmet 150 – 50BCE

The Battersea Shield, The Celts

The Battersea Shield 350BCE – 50CE

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The Etruscans, Ancient World

The Etruscans

A mysteriously happy people at the fringes of the classical world

768 – 100BCE

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