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Cecilia Beaux
The 'new woman' in painting

Portrait of Cecilia Beaux

“Never was a word more abused than ‘Technique.’ To many ‘Technique’ means the purely mechanical, material side of a work, something generally found to be hard, shiny, even vulgar. Just now, to be clumsy is to be admired. Indeed bungling is much in fashion now, in painting. And if one does not bungle naturally, one may easily learn how to do it from the initiated. But the true definition of ‘Technique’ is very simple. A perfect technique in anything only means that there has been no break in continuity between conception, or thought, and the act of performance.

— Cecilia Beaux from “Address to the Contemporary Club of Philadelphia Shortly after Sargent’s Death,” 1926

Cecilia Beaux was a U.S. artist born on May 1, 1855. Beaux contributed to the Impressionist movement and died on September 7, 1942.

Ethel Page, Cecilia Beaux

Ethel Page 1884

Little Girl, Cecilia Beaux

Little Girl 1887

Portrait of Alexander Harrison, Cecilia Beaux

Portrait of Alexander Harrison 1888

Seaside Inlet, Concarneau, France, Cecilia Beaux

Seaside Inlet, Concarneau, France 1888

Cecil Kent Drinker, Cecilia Beaux

Cecil Kent Drinker 1891

Ernesta (Child with Nurse), Cecilia Beaux

Ernesta (Child with Nurse) 1894

New England Woman, Cecilia Beaux

New England Woman 1895

Man with the Cat — Portrait of Henry Sturgis Drinker, Cecilia Beaux

Man with the Cat — Portrait of Henry Sturgis Drinker 1898

After the Meeting, Cecilia Beaux

After the Meeting 1914

Cardinal Mercier, Cecilia Beaux

Cardinal Mercier 1919

Admiral Sir David Beatty, Lord Beatty, Cecilia Beaux

Admiral Sir David Beatty, Lord Beatty 1920

Sita and Sarita, Cecilia Beaux

Sita and Sarita 1921

Mrs. James Blathwaite Drinker and Her Son, Cecilia Beaux

Mrs. James Blathwaite Drinker and Her Son 1922

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