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Portrait of Diego Velázquez

Diego Velázquez was a Spanish artist born on June 6, 1599. Velázquez contributed to the Baroque movement, worked in Italy and died on August 6, 1660.

The Triumph of Bacchus, Diego Velázquez

The Triumph of Bacchus 1628 – 1629

Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid, Diego Velázquez

Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid 1635

Coronation of the Virgin, Diego Velázquez

Coronation of the Virgin 1635 – 1636

Portrait of Sebastián de Morra, Diego Velázquez

Portrait of Sebastián de Morra 1645

Self-portrait, Diego Velázquez

Self-portrait 1645

Juan de Pareja, Diego Velázquez

Juan de Pareja 1650

Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Diego Velázquez

Portrait of Pope Innocent X 1650

Portrait of King Philip IV of Spain, Diego Velázquez

Portrait of King Philip IV of Spain 1653

Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez

Las Meninas 1656

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