Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid

Diego Velázquez, 1635
Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid, Diego Velázquez
Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid, zoomed in
209 cmPortrait of Pablo de Valladolid scale comparison123 cm

Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid is a Baroque Oil on Canvas Painting created by Diego Velázquez in 1635. It lives at the Museo Nacional Del Prado in Spain. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Portraits. SourceDownloadSee Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid in the Kaleidoscope

Diego Velázquez painted a handful of portraits of the court jesters from the court of Philip IV, the king of Spain. Jesters existed in an exploitative limbo in the courts; while influential, they were usually people of low birth, often who suffered from physical disabilities that the royals considered amusing. In the case of this gentleman, the graceful jester Pablo de Valladolid, his declamatory pose suggests that he was an actor, who imitated characters from popular plays to entertain the court. Velázquez’s portraits are remarkable for their restraint, and this is a perfect example. A solid colored background and simple apparel places focus on the hands and face of the actor—his most expressive tools.

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