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Portrait of Georges Braque

Georges Braque was a French artist born on May 13, 1882. Braque contributed to the Cubist movement and died on August 31, 1963.

Landscape near Antwerp, Georges Braque

Landscape near Antwerp 1906

Cards and Dice, Georges Braque

Cards and Dice 1914

In art, progress does not consist in extension, but in the knowledge of limits. Limitation determines style, engenders new form, and gives impulse to creation.

Meaning in Modern Art 1917

Still Life le Jour, Georges Braque

Still Life le Jour 1929

The Crystal Vase, Georges Braque

The Crystal Vase 1929

Nature Morte a la Guitare, Georges Braque

Nature Morte a la Guitare 1938

The Patience, Georges Braque

The Patience 1942

Vase, Palette, and Mandolin, Georges Braque

Vase, Palette, and Mandolin 1944

Bird Returning to its Nest, Georges Braque

Bird Returning to its Nest 1956

You see, I have made a great discovery: I no longer believe in anything...what I can only describe as a state of peace—

Metamorphosis and Mystery 1964

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