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Portrait of Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener was a Danish LGBTQ Artist and Woman Artist born on March 15, 1886. Wegener contributed to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, worked in France and died on July 28, 1940.

Portrait of Ellen von Kohl, Gerda Wegener

Portrait of Ellen von Kohl 1906

On the road to Anacapri, Gerda Wegener

On the road to Anacapri 1922

Lili Hot Summer, Gerda Wegener

Lili Hot Summer 1924

Ulla Poulsen in the Ballet Chopiniana, Gerda Wegener

Ulla Poulsen in the Ballet Chopiniana 1927

Lili Elbe, Gerda Wegener

Lili Elbe 1928

Reclining nude, Gerda Wegener

Reclining nude 1929

Venus and Amor, Gerda Wegener

Venus and Amor 1930

The Femme Fatales, Gerda Wegener

The Femme Fatales 1933

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