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Franz Stuck, The Artists
Portrait of Franz Stuck

Franz Stuck was a German artist born on February 23, 1863. Stuck contributed to the Symbolist and Art Nouveau movements and died on August 30, 1928.

Lucifer, Franz Stuck

Lucifer 1890 – 1891

The Sensual, Franz Stuck

The Sensual 1891

Head of Medusa, Franz Stuck

Head of Medusa 1892

The Kiss of the Sphinx, Franz Stuck

The Kiss of the Sphinx 1895

Sphinx, Franz Stuck

Sphinx 1904

Bacchanal, Franz Stuck

Bacchanal 1905

Inferno, Franz Stuck

Inferno 1908

The Sin, Franz Stuck

The Sin 1909

Hercules and the Hydra, Franz Stuck

Hercules and the Hydra 1915

Judith and Holofernes, Franz Stuck

Judith and Holofernes 1927

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