The Artists

Leonor Fini
The brilliant bisexual cat-lady of surrealism

Portrait of Leonor Fini

“Je peins des tableaux qui n’existent pas et que je voudrais voir.”
“I paint pictures which do not exist and which I would like to see.”

Leonor Fini was an Argentinian Woman Artist and LGBTQ Artist born on August 30, 1907. Fini contributed to the Surrealist movement, worked in Italy and France and died on January 18, 1996.

Two Women, Leonor Fini

Two Women 1939

Portrait of Mrs. Hasellter, Leonor Fini

Portrait of Mrs. Hasellter 1942

Portrait of a woman with acanthus leaves, Leonor Fini

Portrait of a woman with acanthus leaves 1946

The Passenger, Leonor Fini

The Passenger 1964

La Grange Batelière, Leonor Fini

La Grange Batelière 1977

The Crossroads of Hecate, Leonor Fini

The Crossroads of Hecate 1977 – 1978

Ubu The Magical Cat, Leonor Fini

Ubu The Magical Cat 1979

Return Voyage No.2, Leonor Fini

Return Voyage No.2 1985

The Metamorphosis of a Woman, Leonor Fini

The Metamorphosis of a Woman 1987

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