Return Voyage No.2

Leonor Fini, 1985
Return Voyage No.2, Leonor Fini
Return Voyage No.2, zoomed in
75.6 cmReturn Voyage No.2 scale comparison55.9 cm

Return Voyage No.2 is a Lithography Print created by Leonor Fini in 1985. The image is © ARS, New York / ADAGP, Paris, and used according to Educational Fair Use, and tagged Women, Goddess and Royalty. SourceSee Return Voyage No.2 in the Kaleidoscope

A mysterious turban-clad woman sits below a silk screen in this lithograph by Leonor Fini. Her serene expression meets the viewer’s gaze and invites the question of who she is? A goddess? A queen? An oracle?
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