A Gathering (Tertulia)

Pedro Figari, 1900
A Gathering (Tertulia), Pedro Figari
A Gathering (Tertulia), zoomed in
49.5 cmA Gathering (Tertulia) scale comparison69.5 cm

A Gathering (Tertulia) is a Social Realist Oil on Canvas Painting created by Pedro Figari in c.1900. It lives at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Argentina. The image is in the Public Domain, and tagged Parties. SourceDownloadSee A Gathering (Tertulia) in the Kaleidoscope

A tertulia is a semi-formal occasion—a party where you're expected to bring your most literate self. Expect recitations of poetry, discussion of current affairs, and if you're lucky mate and dancing. Pedro Figari painted many of the events and celebrations that brought flavor to Uruguayan culture, and this tertulia comes to life with his signature easy brush strokes and dashes of red highlighting a fancy waistcoat or a bold lipstick.

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