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Rosalba Carriera, The Artists

Rosalba Carriera was an Italian Woman Artist born on January 12, 1673. Carriera contributed to the Rococo movement, worked in France and died on April 15, 1757.

Allegories of Four Continents, Africa, Rosalba Carriera

Allegories of Four Continents, Africa 1712

Louis XV of France as Dauphin, Rosalba Carriera

Louis XV of France as Dauphin 1720 – 1721

Elector Clemens Augustus of Cologne, Rosalba Carriera

Elector Clemens Augustus of Cologne 1727

Self-Portrait as "Winter", Rosalba Carriera

Self-Portrait as "Winter" 1730 – 1731

Portrait of Pisana Mocenigo, Rosalba Carriera

Portrait of Pisana Mocenigo 1739

A Venetian Lady from the House of Barbarigo, Rosalba Carriera

A Venetian Lady from the House of Barbarigo 1735 – 1740

Portrait of a Gentleman, Rosalba Carriera

Portrait of a Gentleman 1730 – 1740

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