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Uzo Egonu, The Artists
Portrait of Uzo Egonu

Uzo Egonu was a Nigerian Artist of the African Diaspora born on December 25, 1931. Egonu worked in England and died on August 14, 1996.

Nigerian Women Gathering, Uzo Egonu

Nigerian Women Gathering 1962

Nkrumah, Uzo Egonu

Nkrumah 1962

Nigerian Piccadilly Circus, Uzo Egonu

Nigerian Piccadilly Circus 1969

Stateless People, A Musician, Uzo Egonu

Stateless People, A Musician 1981

Stateless People, An Assembly, Uzo Egonu

Stateless People, An Assembly 1981 – 1982

Will Knowledge Safeguard Freedom 2, Uzo Egonu

Will Knowledge Safeguard Freedom 2 1985 – 1986

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