The Artists
Wang Meng, The Artists

Wang Meng was a Chinese artist born in 1308. Meng contributed to the Yuan Dynasty movement and died in 1385.

Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains, Wang Meng

Dwelling in the Qingbian Mountains 1366

Mount Taibai, 太白山圖, Wang Meng

Mount Taibai, 太白山圖 1271 – 1368

Fishing in Reclusion at Cha-hsi, Wang Meng

Fishing in Reclusion at Cha-hsi 1370

Forest Grotto in Juqu, Wang Meng

Forest Grotto in Juqu 1370

Ge Zhichuan Moving to the Mountains, Wang Meng

Ge Zhichuan Moving to the Mountains 1370

The Simple Retreat, Wang Meng

The Simple Retreat 1370

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