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Untitled, Abdul Halim Radwi

Untitled Abdul Halim Radwi, 1996

Caleidoscopio, Bertina Lopes

Caleidoscopio Bertina Lopes, 1998

Trophies (Doll Factory), Thornton Dial

Trophies (Doll Factory) Thornton Dial, 1999

Madame Butterfly, Helen Frankenthaler

Madame Butterfly Helen Frankenthaler, 2000

Embracing, Ibrahim Hussein

Embracing Ibrahim Hussein, 2001

Gratitude, Agnes Martin

Gratitude Agnes Martin, 2001

Coddle 2, Ibrahim Hussein

Coddle 2 Ibrahim Hussein, 2002

Overworked Woman, Bodo

Overworked Woman Bodo, 2005

Golden Brush of Africa, Bodo

Golden Brush of Africa Bodo, 2010

La Sape 1, Bodo

La Sape 1 Bodo, 2012

La Sape 2, Bodo

La Sape 2 Bodo, 2012

A Bigger Interior With Blue Terrace and Garden, David Hockney

A Bigger Interior With Blue Terrace and Garden David Hockney, 2017

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