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Artworks from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, United States
The Woman with a Hat, Henri Matisse

The Woman with a Hat Henri Matisse, 1905

Untitled, Tina Modotti

Untitled Tina Modotti, 1928

Frieda and Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo

Frieda and Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo, 1931

Double Portrait, Dora Maar

Double Portrait Dora Maar, 1935

Untitled, Dora Maar

Untitled Dora Maar, 1935

Bridge, Joseph Stella

Bridge Joseph Stella, 1936

One Man Band, Stanley William Hayter

One Man Band Stanley William Hayter, 1950 – 1950

White Painting, Three Panel, Robert Rauschenberg

White Painting, Three Panel Robert Rauschenberg, 1951

Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance, Ellsworth Kelly

Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance Ellsworth Kelly, 1951 – 1953

Hammer Noises, Jim Dine

Hammer Noises Jim Dine, 1962

Blue Clamp, Jim Dine

Blue Clamp Jim Dine, 1981

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