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As humans, we constantly project our traits onto things that aren't human. Anthropomorphism is derived from two greek words, ánthrōpos (human) and morphē (form), and means literally to give human form. While this is occasionally metaphorical, it’s more often literal. Human body + cat head. You get the idea.

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Bird Bath, Leonora Carrington

Bird Bath Leonora Carrington, 1974

Horse-Headed Woman, Wifredo Lam

Horse-Headed Woman Wifredo Lam, 1950

La Sape 1, Bodo

La Sape 1 Bodo, 2012

La Sape 2, Bodo

La Sape 2 Bodo, 2012

Sapeur, Bodo

Sapeur Bodo, 2013

Untitled, Cat Man, Agbagli Kossi

Untitled, Cat Man Agbagli Kossi, 1990

Vieux Chinois, Bodo

Vieux Chinois Bodo, 2012

Zoomorphic Couple, Max Ernst

Zoomorphic Couple Max Ernst, 1933

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