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A style of painting with flat sections of bold colors often delineated by dark borders. Coined by the art critic Édouard Dujardin, the word references the cloisons or “compartments” in stained glass separated by dark lead. Though popular with post-impressionists like Émile Bernard, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Sérusier, more recent artists like Bob Thompson have continued to evolve the style.

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Nevermore (O Taiti), Paul Gauguin

Nevermore (O Taiti) Paul Gauguin, 1897

Portrait of a Young Woman - Vaite Jeanne Goupil, Paul Gauguin

Portrait of a Young Woman - Vaite Jeanne Goupil Paul Gauguin, 1896

Portrait of Jacob Meyer de Haan by Lamplight, Paul Gauguin

Portrait of Jacob Meyer de Haan by Lamplight Paul Gauguin, 1889

Reo Tahiti (Vairaumati), Paul Gauguin

Reo Tahiti (Vairaumati) Paul Gauguin, 1897

Self Portrait in the role of Jean Valjean, Paul Gauguin

Self Portrait in the role of Jean Valjean Paul Gauguin, 1888

Self-Portrait with Halo and Snake, Paul Gauguin

Self-Portrait with Halo and Snake Paul Gauguin, 1889

The Siesta, Paul Gauguin

The Siesta Paul Gauguin, 1892 – 1894

Two Nudes, Marcel Duchamp

Two Nudes Marcel Duchamp, 1910

Untitled (Hand-Shell), Dora Maar

Untitled (Hand-Shell) Dora Maar, 1934

When will you marry?, Paul Gauguin

When will you marry? Paul Gauguin, 1892

Young Christian Girl, Paul Gauguin

Young Christian Girl Paul Gauguin, 1894

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