A Prelude by Bach, Simeon Solomon

A Prelude by Bach Simeon Solomon, 1868

Old poor poverty, fried rice with pickled sesame seeds

Fish Head Lê Thị Lựu, 1967

Heat, Florine Stettheimer

Heat Florine Stettheimer, 1919

Hotel Room, Edward Hopper

Hotel Room Edward Hopper, 1931

Ida Rubinstein, Romaine Brooks

Ida Rubinstein Romaine Brooks, 1917

L'absinthe, Edgar Degas

L'absinthe Edgar Degas, 1875 – 1876

Melancholy, Lucrina Fetti

Melancholy Lucrina Fetti, 1620 – 1630

Nancy, Alice Neel

Nancy Alice Neel, 1966

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

Nighthawks Edward Hopper, 1942

I am like a child at school. The new page is always going to be neatly written, and then pouf! . . . a blot. I'm still making blots . . . and I am 40 years old.

On Failure and the Renaissance: A letter to Durand and Ruel Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1881

Portrait of Amelia Van Buren, Thomas Eakins

Portrait of Amelia Van Buren Thomas Eakins, 1891

Portrait of Dr. Gachet, Vincent Van Gogh

Portrait of Dr. Gachet Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

Room in New York, Edward Hopper

Room in New York Edward Hopper, 1932

Standing Female Nude, Vilhelm Hammershøi

Standing Female Nude Vilhelm Hammershøi, 1909 – 1910

The Letter (Sick), Gabriele Münter

The Letter (Sick) Gabriele Münter, 1917

. . . this feeling of being at someone else's mercy weighs on me tremendously, and when such circumstances are prolonged I cannot find delight in art. . .

The Military is Antithetical to Art Egon Schiele, 1918

The Path, Romaine Brooks

The Path Romaine Brooks, 1911

The Red Jacket, Romaine Brooks

The Red Jacket Romaine Brooks, 1910

More than annoyed, sad. More than sad, unhappy. More than unhappy, suffering.

The Sedative Marie Laurencin, 1917

The Umbrella, Marie Bashkirtseff

The Umbrella Marie Bashkirtseff, 1883

View of the Corniche Road in Luxembourg City, Théo Kerg

View of the Corniche Road in Luxembourg City Théo Kerg, 1943

Woman Ironing, Pablo Picasso

Woman Ironing Pablo Picasso, 1904

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