Themes in Art


Composition in Black and Gray, Piet Mondrian

Composition in Black and Gray Piet Mondrian, 1919

Untitled, 1991, Stelios Votsis

Untitled, 1991 Stelios Votsis, 1991

Untitled, 1998, Stelios Votsis

Untitled, 1998 Stelios Votsis, 1998

Untitled, 2002, Stelios Votsis

Untitled, 2002 Stelios Votsis, 2002

Untitled, 2006, Stelios Votsis

Untitled, 2006 Stelios Votsis, 2006

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Self-Taught Artists, Themes in Art

Self-Taught Artists

Artists of the African Diaspora, Themes in Art

Artists of the African Diaspora

Allegory, Themes in Art


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