Echo, Alexandre Cabanel

Echo Alexandre Cabanel, 1874

Jupiter in the Guise of Diana, and the Nymph Callisto, François Boucher

Jupiter in the Guise of Diana, and the Nymph Callisto François Boucher, 1759

Minotaur or Faun and Nymph, François Auguste René Rodin

Minotaur or Faun and Nymph François Auguste René Rodin, 1886

Nymph Abducted by a Satyr, Alexandre Cabanel

Nymph Abducted by a Satyr Alexandre Cabanel, 1860

Nymphs and Satyr, William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Nymphs and Satyr William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1873

Spring Evening, Arnold Böcklin

Spring Evening Arnold Böcklin, 1879

The Nymph Echo, Max Ernst

The Nymph Echo Max Ernst, 1936

The Three Graces, Marie Laurencin

The Three Graces Marie Laurencin, 1921

Wedding Feast in the Nymphs Grotto, Marc Chagall

Wedding Feast in the Nymphs Grotto Marc Chagall, 1961

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