Themes in Art


Myths are the stories and legends we create to explain human nature, morality, and what goes bump in the night. The Sumerians told their children of god-kings enforcing justice, and radical minds like William Blake created fearsome personal mythologies of good and evil.

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Achilles 2Andromeda 4Apollo 4Ariadne 3Artemis 2Athena 2Cherubs 15Cupid 9Daphnis and Chloƫ 3Deities and Gods 27Dionysus, or Bacchus 7Echo 2Fairies 1Faun 2Folklore 13Greek and Roman Mythology 103Griffin 2Hercules 4Hermes 1Jupiter, or Zeus 8Leda and the Swan 2Lilith 1Mars 2Medusa 3Mermaids & Merfolk 1Minotaur 3Monsters 26Mythological Animals 3Neptune 1Nymph 9Pegasus 1Perseus 3Pluto 1Psyche 10Sappho 3Satyr 3Sphinx 10The Graces 4The Story of Psyche 7Ulysses 4Venus 26

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