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Perspective is a variety of artistic techniques used to reproduce the way three-dimensional spaces or objects appear to our eyes, in two dimensional artwork. Includes linear perspective, where parallel lines appear to converge as they move into the distance, and atmospheric perspective, where objects that are farther away are rendered as hazy or with less detail. Intentionally deviating or warping perpective is also a great way to destabilise an audience or conjure a surreal vibe.

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A Bigger Interior With Blue Terrace and Garden, David Hockney

A Bigger Interior With Blue Terrace and Garden David Hockney, 2017

Child with three cats, Giulio Campagnola

Child with three cats Giulio Campagnola, 1510 – 1515

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Still Life, Themes in Art

Still Life

Quiet moments with simple objects

Social Realism, Themes in Art

Social Realism

Metaphysical Art, Themes in Art

Metaphysical Art

Discomforting dreamscapes

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