Themes in Art

Relief Sculpture

A form of sculpture where the image is carved out from the flat surface, i.e. you can't walk around it. Often found on buildings, or the outside of elaborate sarcophagi.

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Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Ancient Egypt

Akhenaten and Nefertiti 1352BCE

Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Woolner

Alfred Tennyson Thomas Woolner, 1856

Assumption of the Virgin, Donatello

Assumption of the Virgin Donatello, 1427

Baal Stele, Mesopotamia

Baal Stele 1450

Casket with Warriors and Dancers, Byzantine Art

Casket with Warriors and Dancers 1000

Chellini Madonna, Donatello

Chellini Madonna Donatello, 1450

Delivery of the Keys to St Peter and the Ascension of Christ, Donatello

Delivery of the Keys to St Peter and the Ascension of Christ Donatello, 1425 – 1430

Herod's Banquet, Donatello

Herod's Banquet Donatello, 1435

Miracle of Sravasti, Classical India

Miracle of Sravasti 200CE

Perforated plaque of Dudu, Mesopotamia

Perforated plaque of Dudu 2450BCE

Portrait of Charles Joseph La Trobe, Thomas Woolner

Portrait of Charles Joseph La Trobe Thomas Woolner, 1853

Portrait of William Charles Wentworth, Thomas Woolner

Portrait of William Charles Wentworth Thomas Woolner, 1854

Samson and Delilah, Erté

Samson and Delilah Erté, 1990

Virgin and Child in a niche, Luca della Robbia

Virgin and Child in a niche Luca della Robbia, 1460

Vix Krater, Ancient Greece

Vix Krater 530BCE

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