Themes in Art


Dusseldorf, Richard Hambleton

Dusseldorf Richard Hambleton, 1982

Fountain of Youth, Richard Hambleton

Fountain of Youth Richard Hambleton, 1982

Frieiburg, Richard Hambleton

Frieiburg Richard Hambleton, 1982 – 1983

Gang of Three, Richard Hambleton

Gang of Three Richard Hambleton, 1984 – 1994

Icarus, Henri Matisse

Icarus Henri Matisse, 1943 – 1944

Jumping Shadow, Richard Hambleton

Jumping Shadow Richard Hambleton, 1983

Jumping Shadow (3 red -lined boxes, sonic spinners), Richard Hambleton

Jumping Shadow (3 red -lined boxes, sonic spinners) Richard Hambleton, 1986 – 1988

Jumping Shadow (Sonic Shadowman), Richard Hambleton

Jumping Shadow (Sonic Shadowman) Richard Hambleton, 1983 – 1984

Market Scene, Faeq Hassan

Market Scene Faeq Hassan, 1970

Mystery Woman with Shadow, Fritz Scholder

Mystery Woman with Shadow Fritz Scholder,

Naples, Richard Hambleton

Naples Richard Hambleton, 1982

On the Contrary, Kay Sage

On the Contrary Kay Sage, 1952

Shadow Cat, Richard Hambleton

Shadow Cat Richard Hambleton, 1999

Shadow Head Portrait, Richard Hambleton

Shadow Head Portrait Richard Hambleton, 2014

Shadowman Amsterdam, Richard Hambleton

Shadowman Amsterdam Richard Hambleton, 1984

Vienna, Richard Hambleton

Vienna Richard Hambleton, 1983

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