Themes in Art


Abbeys 5Amphitheaters 10Aqueducts 3Arches 3Bridges 10Castles 5Cathedrals 15Churches 13Ch√Ęteaus 1Dolmens 3Domes 8Fortifications 2Fountains 3Government Buildings 4Houses 13Lighthouses 5Memorials 2Menhir 4Minarets 1Monuments 3Mosques 5Museums 2Obelisks 3Pagodas 2Palaces 5Public Squares 12Pyramids 9Ruins 10Settlements 1Skyscrapers 2Stupas 2Temples 25Tombs 9Totem Poles 6Towers 1Villas 3Windmills 3Ziggurats 1

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