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Trompe-l'oeil is a painting technique where a painted object is depicted to realistically that it seems to exist in real space. From the French phrase meaning “deceive the eye” trompe-l'oeil was coined by the artist Louis-Léopold Boilly in 1800, but the technique itself is far older. Trompe-l'oeil was a popular interior design trick in the Roman Empire and likely before, was used as a framing device for frescos in the Italian Renaissance, and was arguably perfected in the 17th century by the Dutch artist .

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Letter rack, Edwaert Collier

Letter rack Edwaert Collier, 1698

Newspapers, Letters and Writing Implements on a Wooden Board, Edwaert Collier

Newspapers, Letters and Writing Implements on a Wooden Board Edwaert Collier, 1699

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