How Experiments should be Prepared

From The Key of Solomon, Book 1, by The Key of Solomon, Book 1, 1400


WE have spoken in the preceding Chapters of common experiments and operations, which it is more usual to practise and put in operation, and therein thou mayest easily see that we have told thee sufficient for their perfection. In this Chapter we treat of extraordinary and unusual experiments, which can also be done in many ways.

None the less should those who wish to put in practice the like experiments and operations observe the days and hours as is laid down in the proper Chapters, and should be provided with virgin paper and other necessary things. Having prepared a similar experiment thou shalt say


O God Who hast created all things, and hast given unto us discernment to understand the good and the evil; through Thy Holy Name, and through these Holy Names:—IOD, IAH, VAU, DALETH, VAU, TZABAOTH, ZIO, AMATOR, CREATOR, do Thou, O Lord, grant that this experiment may become true and veritable in my hands through Thy Holy Seal, O ADONAI, Whose reign and empire remaineth eternally and unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

This being done, thou shalt perform the experiment, observing its hour, and thou shalt perfume and incense as is laid down in the proper Chapter; sprinkling with exorcised water, and performing all the ceremonies and solemnities as we shall instruct thee in the Second Book of our Key.
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