Western Esoteric Art

The Key of Solomon, Book 1
Spells for finding hidden treasure, binding love and summoning angels

The Key of Solomon, Book 1, Western Esoteric Art

The Key of Solomon, Book 1 is an Esoteric Grimoire written by Author Unknown in 1400. It's in the Public Domain.

The Divine LoveThe Virtues of the PlanetsConcerning the ArtsThe ConfessionPrayers and ConjurationMore Potent ConjurationAn Extremely Powerful ConjurationConcerning the PentaclesThe Experiment Concerning Things StolenThe Experiment of InvisibilityTo Hinder a SportsmanHow to Make the Magic GartersHow to Make the Magic CarpetThe Experiment to Find TreasureThe Experiment to Create LoveHow Operations should be PreparedHow Experiments should be PreparedThe Holy Pentacles
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Western Esoteric Art

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1690 – 1947

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