Vogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine

Upper Paleolithic, 40000BCE
Vogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine, Upper Paleolithic
Vogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine, zoomed in
2 cmVogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine scale comparison5.6 cm

Vogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine is an Upper Paleolithic Ivory Sculpture created in 40000BCE. The image is © Hilde Jensen, courtesy of Universität Tübingen, and used according to Educational Fair Use, and tagged Lion. SourceSee Vogelherd Ivory Lion Figurine in the Kaleidoscope

Vogelherd cave in Stetten, Germany, is one of the most exciting sites for Neolithic discoveries, and is home to some of the oldest Neolithic objects ever found. Excavated in 1931 by Gustav Riek, an archaeologist from the University of Tübingen, it’s thought to be a site where early peoples gathered to feast after successful hunts. Riek attributed the tools and figures discovered in Vogelherd to multiple stone age societies, including the Mousterian, Aurignacian, Magdalenian and Neolithic. The Lion figurine is made of mammoth ivory (seriously), and the second half of its face was only recently discovered, proving it was originally a three dimensional figure, as opposed to a relief as long believed.

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