The Artists
Portrait of El Greco

El Greco was a Spanish artist born on October 1, 1541. Greco contributed to the Spanish Renaissance and Mannerist movements and died on April 7, 1614.

The Holy Trinity, El Greco

The Holy Trinity 1577 – 1579

Saint Francis in Ecstasy, El Greco

Saint Francis in Ecstasy 1577 – 1580

The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest, El Greco

The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest 1580 – 1582

Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata, El Greco

Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata 1585 – 1590

The Agony in the Garden, El Greco

The Agony in the Garden 1590 – 1595

The Virgin Mary, El Greco

The Virgin Mary 1597

Fábula, El Greco

Fábula 1600

Portrait of an Old Man, El Greco

Portrait of an Old Man 1595 – 1600

The Annunciation, El Greco

The Annunciation 1596 – 1600

View of Toledo, El Greco

View of Toledo 1596 – 1600

Portrait of the Artist's Son, El Greco

Portrait of the Artist's Son 1603

Saint John the Evangelist, El Greco

Saint John the Evangelist 1605

El Salvador, El Greco

El Salvador 1610 – 1614

Laocoön, El Greco

Laocoön 1604 – 1614

View and Plan of Toledo, El Greco

View and Plan of Toledo 1610 – 1614

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