The Artists

Emily Carr
Hard-smoking woman documents Canada's native people

Portrait of Emily Carr

“I glory in our wonderful west and I hope to leave behind me some of the relics of its first primitive greatness. These things should be to us Canadians what the ancient Briton’s relics are to the English. Only a few more years and they will be gone forever into silent nothingness and I would gather my collection together before they are forever past.”

Emily Carr was a Canadian Woman Artist born on December 13, 1871. Carr contributed to the Post-Impressionist movement and died on March 2, 1945.

Indian Totem pole, Hazelton, Skeena River, BC, Emily Carr

Indian Totem pole, Hazelton, Skeena River, BC 1912

Indian Totem pole, Yan, Queen Charlotte Islands, Emily Carr

Indian Totem pole, Yan, Queen Charlotte Islands 1912

Totem Poles, Kitseukla, Emily Carr

Totem Poles, Kitseukla 1912

War Canoe, Alert Bay, Emily Carr

War Canoe, Alert Bay 1912

War Canoes, Alert Bay, Emily Carr

War Canoes, Alert Bay 1912

Tanoo, Queen Charlotte Island, Emily Carr

Tanoo, Queen Charlotte Island 1913

Arbutus Tree, Emily Carr

Arbutus Tree 1922

Indian Church, Emily Carr

Indian Church 1929

Blunden Harbour, Emily Carr

Blunden Harbour 1928 – 1930

Vanquished, Emily Carr

Vanquished 1930

Big Raven, Emily Carr

Big Raven 1931

Red Cedar, Emily Carr

Red Cedar 1931

Totem and Forest, Emily Carr

Totem and Forest 1931

Tree Trunk, Emily Carr

Tree Trunk 1931

Forest, British Columbia, Emily Carr

Forest, British Columbia 1931 – 1932

Old Timer, Emily Carr

Old Timer 1931 – 1932

Tree (spiralling upward), Emily Carr

Tree (spiralling upward) 1932 – 1933

A Forest Clearing, Emily Carr

A Forest Clearing 1935

In the Forest, BC, Emily Carr

In the Forest, BC 1935

Untitled (Seascape), Emily Carr

Untitled (Seascape) 1935

Blue Sky, Emily Carr

Blue Sky 1936

Happiness, Emily Carr

Happiness 1939

Odds and Ends, Emily Carr

Odds and Ends 1939

Self-portrait, Emily Carr

Self-portrait 1938 – 1939

Wind in the Tree Tops, Emily Carr

Wind in the Tree Tops 1936 – 1939

Sombreness Sunlit, Emily Carr

Sombreness Sunlit 1938 – 1940

Excerpts from Growing Pains: The Autobiography of Emily Carr 1946

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